PRISMA Ltd. has been founded in year 1998 in the city of Varna.

      Primary subject of activity:

-       trading with lighting and electrotechnical materials

-       electrical installation activities


         Chronology by years:

-       1998 – Foundation of “PRISMA-ES” and opening of the first store of the firm.

-       1999 – Organizing the first teams for electrical installation and wiring. Growth of the store sales and first projects for illumination of homes, offices and administrative buildings.

-       Creating a unit for technical support of the stage and concert activities. First projects for technical equipment of the newly found discotheques and renovations of existing clubs in the city of Varna and the resorts in vacinity.

-       2000 – Creating a storage network, expansion of sales and projects of the company. New projects for sound and lighting equipment of clubs, and technical support for concerts.

IMG_0256.JPG-       First steps for collaboration with the Municipality of Varna - projects for highlight illumination of historical sites and monuments in the city. The first and most emblematic illuminated object is the Cathedral "Uspenie Bogorodichno" in the city center. Then there are the house of the National fleet, the sports hall in the city, "Matroskiya klub", the Planetarium, the Sea Garden and other major public buildings and sites in Varna.

-       2001 – The first professional Christmas decorations in the center of Varna - fountains and buildings.

-       2002 – First steps towards purchasing of own shop. Opening - all partners of PRISMA-ES, who contributed to this outstanding success in the business of the company, are invited.

-       Christmas decorations. Concept to illuminate all the major boulevards, streets, squares of Varna. The firm is the first and only company in Bulgaria, which designs and implements the international standards for Christmas and New Year decorations for urban conditions. First is the city of Varna, which turned the Christmas decorations in a tradition and in 2004 joined the cities of Sofia, Dobrich, Sliven, Haskovo, Yambol, Lyaskovets, Tryavna and Shumen.

-       2003-2007 – The company is growing. Acquisition of a new warehouse in the city and a workshop for manufacturing, repair and recovery of components used for decoration.

-       During this period, not a few public catering establishments - restaurants, hotels and whole hotel complexes, SPA centers and other are illuminated by the design department, and construction works are carried out by workers of PRISMA-ES Ltd.

-       As a result of the rapid development in these years, the company specializes in the design and realization of facade architectural lighting. The center of Varna is one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. By the example of the city of Varna, the company "PRISMA-ES" Ltd. produces and implements projects for facade lighting in many other cities. So far are illuminated many of the more significant public buildings and streets in Sofia, Sliven, Silistra, Tryavna, Bansko, Pomorie, Dobrich, Haskovo, Plovdiv, Sopot and others.

-       2007 – The first office and sIMG_9774.JPGhowroom in Sofia are opened. The company's office in Business Park Varna - Building 1 is created. The Business Park Varna's buildings by the numbers of 1, 6 and 8 have had their complete wiring and electrical equipment entirely done by the company "PRISMA-ES" Ltd. The firm's popularity increases. Despite the commitments in lighting and Christmas decorations of the rest of the cities in Bulgaria, Varna remains the first priority for the company "PRISMA". Complete spectacular lighting is made for the Naval Academy "N. Y. Vaptsarov" and for the Asparuhov Bridge also.

-       2008 – An office and a store in Stara Zagora are created. During this year was made a grand Christmas decoration of Varna, also the breakwater of the Port of Varna was spectacularly illuminated. The company "PRISMA" made impressive facade and park illumination of the "Palace" in Balchik by the project "Beautiful Bulgaria". The building facade illumination of the Economic University and also of the reconstructed building of Varna Customs are completed. A new office and a small shop in Plovdiv are opened.

-       2009 – The company "PRISMA-ES" received a big challenge ahead of itself - the artistic show "Legends of Aladzha monastery." Spectacular lighting and sound are carried out along with the Historical and Archaeological Museum in Varna.

dimyat1.jpg-       During this year the firm purchased a new office in the business building of the hotel complex "Dimyat" and thereby united all the sections in a central office.