SITES of the firm “PRISMA” Ltd.:


Complete installation of electrical installation, architectural and interior lighting of the following
–     “Business Park Varna” - Buildings 1. 6. and 8
–     “Aqua Center” - Varna
–     “Business Group MSM”
–     “Business Center” - Dobrich
–     “Business services” - Varna
–     “Agrodimeks” - Dobrich
–     Warehouse facility “Interlogistika” - Sofia
–     Building of “Expressbank” - Dobrich
–     Pool “Primorski” at the seaside alley in Varna – stages 1 and 2
–     SPA-Hotel Complex – Pomorie
–     Holiday Settlement – Obzor
–     Hotel “Camelot” - Sunny Beach Resort
–     Hotel “Roza” - Sv. Sv. Konstantin I Elena Resort


Offices and stores:
–     Office company “Castrol” - Representation
–     Office GBS – Silistra
–     Office of the firm “PLANEX”
–     Office of the firm “Cosmos Shipping”
–     Office of the firm “NTZ” - naval company
–     Building “OLMINS – KORABA”
–     Trade Stores in Pfohe Mall
–     Office and trade building “Olmins”
–     Trade complex “City center”
–     Trade stores in Mall Varna
–     Trade stores in Grand Mall Varna
–     Chain of stores “Kenvelo”


Spectacular lighting of objects of public and international significance:
–     Interior lighting - Central Station in the city of Kishinev - Republic of Moldova
–     Bridge street lighting - road connection in the town of Byala - Rousse District
–     Spectacular and architectural illumination of the monument temple "Sveto Uspenie
Bogorodichno" – Varna
–     Spectacular lighting of the Drama Theatre "Stoyan Bachvarov" – Varna
–     Spectacular lighting "Branch Drama Theatre" - Varna
–     Spectacular lighting "Archaeological Museum" - Varna
–     Palace of Culture and Sport - Varna
–     Lighting of the tunnel links - Primorski and Shipka - Varna
–     Spectacular facade lighting "Naval club" - Varna
–     Spectacular facade lighting "Staff of the Naval Forces" - Varna
–     Naval academy "Nikola Vaptsarov" - Varna
–     Spectacular lighting "Naval Museum" - Varna
–     Spectacular lighting Asparuhov Bridge - Varna
–     Spectacular lighting of the breakwater - the port of Varna
–     Spectacular lighting Central Station - Varna
–     Spectacular lighting at the Sea Observatory Gardens - Varna
–     Spectacular lighting Summer Theatre - Park, building and surrounding area - Varna
–     Spectacular lighting of Aladzha Park Monastery, Amphitheatre - Varna
–     Spectacular lighting of the in the business building"University of Economics - Varna
–     Spectacular lighting of the building of Varna Customs
–     Spectacular lighting monuments of the city of Varna
–     Spectacular lighting in "Clock Tower" in the center of Varna
–     Spectacular lighting "Army Club" - Sofia
–     Spectacular lighting "Hud National Gallery" - Sofia
–     Spectacular lighting "Sofia City Art Gallery" - Sofia
–     Spectacular lighting of churches "Sveta Nedelya" and "St. Dimitri "- Sofia
–     Spectacular lighting of the Synagogue - Sofia
–     Spectacular lighting of the Monastery in the town of Lozen
–     Spectacular lighting in the cities: Silistra, Sliven, Haskovo, Pazardzhik, Panagyurishte, Tryavna,
Stara Zagora
–     Spectacular Christmas and New Year lights in the city of Varna - squares, streets, avenues,
building of Varna Municipality
–     Spectacular Christmas and New Year lights in the city of Plovdiv
–     Impressive facade lighting of the Municipality of Plovdiv Region and Central Park in Plovdiv
–     Street lighting Plovdiv Central Region


Lighting and sound equipment for hotels and clubs:
–     "Shipka" hotel, "Havana" - Golden Sands
–     Hotel "Dobrudja", casino "Dobrudja", Hotel "Flamingo", casino "Flamingo", hotel "Kiev",
"Dnepur", "Orlov" and other common objects in the resort "Albena".
–     Hotel "Azalia", "Astera", "Reverans", "Modus," "Plaza", "Sv.Sv. Konstantin and Elena" and
–     Hotel "Musala", Business Hotel "Golden Tulip" - Deytron,
–     Hotel "Tane" in Bansko
–     Hotel "Drustar" in Silistra
–     Chain restaurants 'HAPPY', In Bulgaria and in the city of Barcelona - Spain
–     Restaurant "Barkeno" - Barcelona - Spain
–     Chain Restaurants "Captain Cook" in Varna, Sofia, Golden Sands, Varna Port
–     Diskoteka "Cielo" - Sofia
–     Disco "Music box" Ruse, "Las Palmas" in Plovdiv, "Planeta Payner" Varna "Arrodance" in
Varna, "Cats" - Svilengrad, "Big Brother" - Varna
–     Hotel complex in Pomorie
–     Children's Complex - Kranevo
–     Obzor Complex - South Beach
–     Hotel "Esteban" – Ravda


The company PRISMA participates as a consultant and trader for decision and implementation
of Christmas and New Year decorations in Varna, Sofia, Shumen, Dobrich, Haskovo, Sliven, Plovdiv,
Pernik, Sevlievo, Panagyurishte, Ruse, Belene, Cherven Bryag, Tsar Kaloyan, Municipality Chirpan,
Shabla, Elhovo, Yambol and other.


Concert and stage activity:
–     Live performances Philip Kirkorov, Tattoo, Todes Ballet - Ala Duhova
–     Miss Varna
–     Nigel Kennedy
–     Festival "Discovery" for young talents
–     Lighting Ball - "Paon lumine"
–     1300 years of Bulgaria - at the monument in the town of Shumen
–     Casting for Adrenaline girls
–     New Year Concerts
–     Presentations of automobile companies, new cars
–     Festival of Ilia Lukov - Kavarna - "Bulgaria in the heart"
–     Festivals for the selection of Miss
–     Delivery of equipment for studio MSAT
–     Supply and installation of stage for the Rousse Municipality